hell hath no fury

like a woman scorned









We’re manly men. We fight in wars, we play sports, we drive noisy cars. We’re tough. 

We’re terrified of body hair on women though.

And menstrual blood.

and womens farts

and being perceived as feminine in any way.

and gay men.

and women capable of fighting back.

and women having sexual desire

and spiders

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You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.

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On our side of the caution tape
Everyone is smiling
A 70 year old professor
High- fives students he recognizes
A group of teenagers swing dance by the band
A salt & pepper woman carries a sign
That reads “I Pray. I’m Pro- Choice.”
I am not a religious person
But here in the land of damned souls
I’m starting to feel faith
We are an island of misfit toys
Saying “fuck you” to the tinker
“There’s nothing to fix here”

I wish everyday was like this
No one is wearing a mask
No guy at the bar buying my drink
Then using “feminist” as a slur
Even though there is only this tape
Separating myself
from the canines
There is nothing they can say
to scare me
They are mighty & I am small
But I made the choice to be here
A freedom they want to strip me of
A freedom I still have today

The professor leans over to me
Jerks his thumb to the crowd behind us
“Seems like those guys need to get laid”
I laugh loud enough
To fill the whole island

Pretending to be okay is a defense mechanism of the mind. A person’s way of attempting to remain strong.

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